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think know feel

Think Know Feel

Each of us has a different way of processing information which is a reflection of our physical, mental and emotional makeup. In communicating with one another we commonly make the assumption that others communicate in the same way that we do without recognizing that our personal preferences are as varied as our tastes for food, clothes or the people we like or dislike.

The Think Feel Know Indicator is designed to help you to understand your personal communication preferences and how best to use this knowledge in communicating with others and learning to recognize their communication preferences too.

Consider how often people feel they cannot get their message across and the anger and frustration they feel with others who apparently will not listen or cannot hear what it is they are trying to say. Have you attended meetings that never breach of decision or experienced heated arguments with your family and loved ones?

This is because we all employ a combination of the three different communication styles, our ability to think and process data, our feelings and our intuitive knowing all combine to create our personal profile. The Think Feel Know Indicator helps you and your clients learn your own communication profile which will help you to improve and unify your communication in all situations — personal and business.

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risk indicator

Risk Indicator

The Risk Indicator consists of 34 questions and is designed to support business owners and managers in determining their ‘Risk profile’, or their appetite toward undertaking business risks. Once you have an overall view of the things that affect your Risk profile you can become more aware of how to manage Risk.

As with all questionnaires, the Risk Indicator provides you with an indication of your current Risk profile.
This means that as time passes and your circumstances change, it is highly likely that your Risk profile will change, resulting in you’re making different personal or business decisions. The purpose of the Risk Indicator is to give you an accurate indication of your Risk profile at this point in time and therefore how this is impacting current business performance.

It is therefore held in an entrepreneurial space and should not be used in conjunction with any other topics, such as your personal Risk profile in relation to making personal investments. You can combine your Risk profile results with your other partners, managers and/or shareholders, and gain an overall business Risk profile for your business as well.

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The Tax Risk Indicator – coming soon

As a firm of Accountants we have worked with a whole array of different clients. Therefore it has come as no surprise to us that every client varies in their appetite for "Tax Risk”. Unfortunately both the media and our government have placed misleading views to the public about the difference between tax planning, tax avoidance and tax evasion with the hope that they will scare off the vast majority from utilising anything but the most basic forms of tax planning (whatever that may be!). Whether such publicity fills you and your business partners with fear of HM Revenue and Customs or if the idea of paying tax simply horrifies you, simply depends on your attitude towards "tax risk”.

Taxation and the advice to mitigate or reduce it can be labelled as shown in the diagram below:

Tax Planning
The advice surrounding tax mitigation can be labelled between 3 key indicators – Planning, Avoidance and Evasion with numbers providing a clear segregation between the 3 different forms of tax mitigation. Therefore level 1 is "white” tax planning and will involve areas that are clearly defined by current tax law. This will include but not limited to areas such as maximising your capital allowances or maximising your pension relief. Provided the rules within the legislation are met this will perfectly acceptable methods of planning. Level 10 is "black” tax evasion and is illegal and could result in a jail sentence for both the advisor and the tax payer. Examples of tax evasion would be remuneration from illegal activities and failing to declare monies held in offshore bank accounts. Tax evasion is illegal and as a firm we will never advise our clients to conduct themselves in such a manner.

However the main questions arise between the varying forms of "grey” tax planning and tax avoidance strategies. This area of advice is not easy to define and certainly required a conversation with a tax expert such as that provided by the Charles Group. We would therefore suggest that you undertake the Tax Risk Questionnaire in order to discover for yourselves what your appetite is towards tax risk. The results will help guide us towards the type of advice that best suits your business.

As with all questionnaires, the Tax Risk Indicator provides you with an indication of your current Tax Risk profile. This means that as time passes and your circumstances change, it is highly likely that your Tax Risk profile will change, which will affect the type of advice that is suitable for you and your business. The purpose of the Tax Risk Indicator is to give you an accurate indication of your Tax Risk profile at this point in time and to provide us with the required guideline to ensure that our advice best fits your Tax Risk criteria.

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