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Buying, selling, letting or planning for the future? Getting the right tax advice can save you thousands. As specialist property tax accountants our team can help ensure you are paying the minimum amount of tax legally possible.

"I have known Nicholas now for many years, and send all my clients to him for tax expertise and advice – brilliant
Darren Shirlaw | Entrepreneur and Founder of Shirlaws

"I have worked with Nicholas for 2 years on some very exciting projects and his ability to listen, provide objective advice and support my goals and ambitions has been a tremendous asset to me and my businesses. Nicholas cares deeply about those he works with and seeks to ensure great outcomes for all.”

Penny Power | Entrepreneur and Founder of PPL

"After working with Nicholas Charles for a year, we brought him on to join our board advisory team for BankToTheFuture.com because of his unique combination of financial tax advice, commercial understanding and ability to introduce the right connections at the right time. Nicholas has provided tax advice to our investors, facilitated introductions to investors as well as help us to implement controls and procedures to get the right balance of compliance, responsible procedures and good business practices. If you want somebody that understands the commercials of business and deal making combined with the technical skills of finance, tax and increasing shareholder value, Nicholas Charles is your man.”

Simon Dixon | CEO & Co-Founder BankToTheFuture.com

"We have been clients of the Charles Group for over 10 years. The have supported the continued growth of our company throughout this period and we now see them as an integral part of our business. Their detailed analysis of our records has uncovered cost and tax savings well in excess of £350,000. We are now working even closer to the Charles Group as we look to expand our client base. They are also helping us to raise equity finance by utilising their extensive network of high net worth investors.”

Gabby | Director Brag London Limited

"I met Nicholas Charles at the end of 2012 and immediately realised that his values and the values of the Charles Group were aligned to ours. Nicholas appreciates the value of offering Heritage planning as a service to his high net worth families and that it is essential to ensure the continuation of the wealth and legacy over multiple generations. He has experienced first-hand the damaging effect money can have on the well-being and unity of a family and wants to ensure that this does not happen to his clients. The Charles Group were an obvious choice to become ambassadors for Assay Heritage and we look forward to working closely together over many years.”

Mitch Harris | Founder of Assay Heritage

"When I left my role as director of a large blue chip company I sold my shares and realised a 7 figure capital gain. Whilst this was fantastic financially it also meant that I was facing a huge Capital Gains Tax bill. I approached the Charles Group via a recommendation to see if they could reduce my tax liability. Rather than pushing me onto a high risk tax avoidance scheme they spent a significant amount of time to understand my position, investment risk and tax risk profile. They then successfully showed me how to reinvest my money in tax efficient investments that utilised government backed reliefs such as SEIS, EIS and pension reliefs. As a direct result of their great advice they converted my tax liability into a TAX REBATE!

I am now continuing to work with the Charles Group as an entrepreneurial businesswoman

Former director of a well known blue chip company and existing client of the Charles Group

"As a director of the largest brokerage firm in my industry I did not think that I could benefit from any tax planning as I pay my taxed monthly under pay as you earn. Luckily for me the Charles Group proved me wrong! The Charles Group enabled me to achieve an incredible £235,000 gross tax rebate by guiding me to invest my money in a commercial property which benefitted from huge tax reliefs. The tax relief was not only perfectly legal but endorsed by HM Revenue and Customs! The Charles Group are currently helping me to build my property portfolio in the most tax efficient way.

I am now continuing to work with the Charles Group as an entrepreneurial businesswoman

Existing client of the Charles Group and director of a well known brokerage firm.

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