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Nicholas Charles of the Charles Group is proud to be the acting Chairman of Penny Power Limited, a fast growing business that specialises in creating communities within the digital world and educating SMEs about the importance of improving their digital skills or risk being left behind by their competitors.
Penny Power Ltd was formed in 2011 to develop the intention and commitment Penny Power had toward the social business world and the challenges facing businesses as they enter a whole new paradigm. Building on the experience Penny had for 15 years of creating and running an online community for business owners and SME’s Penny turned her attention to the importance of digital skills in the economy.

The first business to operate within the Penny Power Group was Digital Youth Academy, serving the Born Digital Youths who have an inborn understanding of the socially connected world and the culture that they have been born into. DYA licenses its e-learning systems through the UK Colleges. This now gives companies a low cost, highly effective way of brining the desperately required resources to run the digital channels and engage online full-time through hiring a Social Digital Apprentice. If you are interested in hiring one for yourself you can pledge your support at

Penny Power Authored the Digital Business Britain Manifesto in March 2011 and this gave birth to a Not for Profit campaign company that works at National and Local level to raise the awareness of the impact digital transformation could have on the economy. This Not for Profit is always seeking support and funding and if you are interested in this sector and want to get involved please go to and contact the CEO Prem Gyani on

Both the Campaign Company and the Digital Youth Academy are supported by two further PPL Companies leadORS and Frontier. These two companies work to motivate and inspire transformation working with senior management and Board of Directors to discover their ideology, build community and encourage thought-leadership. If you are a company that needs to investigate the way digital technology and social engagement could help your business grow and take you into new market please contact who would welcome a conversation and find the right person to support you.

Assay Heritage


Most people plan for the future of their money.
They look ahead and utilise Financial Planning to help them get the most out of their money during their lifetime.
They look even further ahead and utilise Estate Planning to ensure that when they leave this world, what remains of their wealth passes to their children and grandchildren.

In virtually all cases, the parents hope that when the children receive the money it has a positive influence on their lives and that things go to plan.

It is this "going to plan” that we focus on.

What we do know is that 70% of families fail to retain their wealth past 2 generations and 90% of families fail to retain their wealth past 3 generations.

Not only do the families lose their wealth, they often destroy their relationships with each other during the process of losing the wealth.

So when we look back to the parents sitting down to do their estate planning, it is fair to say that the family losing its wealth and its unity within 2 or 3 generations was not the plan they had in mind.

This does raise an obvious question "Why does this happen?”

One of the largest studies of its kind was conducted over a 25-year period, involving 3,250 families who failed at preserving their family businesses, their wealth and their family unity. They were asked: "What caused you to fail?”

Of the families spoken to, 60% said the failure was due to a breakdown in communication and trust, 25% said the failure was due to un-prepared heirs, 10% said it was a lack of an agreed upon "vision” for the family wealth and only 5% said it had anything to do with their financial and estate planning.

95% of the causes of the failures have nothing to do with Financial and Estate Planning

In truth, there has been a missing piece of the planning process – Heritage Planning, which works in harmony with Financial and Estate Planning. Financial Planning prepares the money for you, Estate Planning prepares the money for the children and Heritage Planning prepares the children for the money.

For more information about Assay Heritage and Heritage planning please click here to see our article on this subject.

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